On March 18, Jesse Hagopian, Teaching for Black Lives co-editor and Rethinking Schools editor, facilitated an informational session for over 90 educators interested in forming a study group for the 2024–2025 school year. 

The Zinn Education Project supports at least 100 Teaching for Black Lives study groups each school year. This is a free professional learning opportunity. Each group receives:

  • Teaching for Black Lives book for each participant (up to 20), study questions, and a meeting facilitation guide
  • Rethinking Schools magazine subscription for each participant (up to 20)
  • Introductory workshop featuring one or more editors of Teaching for Black Lives
  • Access to several invitation-only webinars and workshops (panel discussions on current events, curriculum workshops, campaign planning)
  • Closing event featuring one or more special guests
  • Access to a network of other study groups and social justice educators across the United States
  • Dedicated administrative support for study group coordinators

Event Recording

Recording of the full session, except for the breakout rooms.


Below are the resources we reviewed during the session:


  • Is it possible for each person in the group to take turns leading the discussion? 

Yes! We encourage you to rotate roles and you can find more facilitation strategies in our guide

  • Do study groups need to read the book cover to cover?

No. The month-to-month study guide demonstrates how you can focus on a different section each meeting by selecting a few readings. 

  • Any advice for interested educators who aren’t people of color?

We recommend starting with these resources: 


Participants said:

I feel a little less overwhelmed and it lit a fire under me a little as well!
I’ve been at different points overwhelmed and intimidated by trying to take on the task of creating an antiracist school community at my school, but seeing so many like minded folks made me feel a sense of community that gave me a jolt of energy.
LOVE all the great information that was shared so succinctly. I already feel a sense of community!!

It was great to connect with other participants in the breakout room, and also to see the facilitation guide, and to ask questions.