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We must come together to support educators in turning classrooms and schools into sites of resistance, justice, joy, and liberation, and to organize against anti-Blackness with colleagues and in communities. We must march against police brutality in the streets. And we must teach for Black lives in our classrooms.

Racial justice educators are fighting back — and they need your help. We must come together to make their fight all of ours. Join us.

Sharon Chang

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Teacher-led study groups are the heart of the Teaching for Black Lives campaign. Last year, we hosted 100 groups across the country.

One educator said, “It was one of the few things I took on this year that added to my resilience, to my sense of community, to my energy to keep going and do the work. The support that came as we worked together was and is invaluable.”

We need YOUR help to double that number this year. Make a gift through the Zinn Education Project today and indicate your contribution is for the “Teaching for Black Lives” campaign.

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Your support is needed to help more educators teach for Black lives and to engage more students in these lessons.

There is a surging demand from educators for lessons that teach the truth about Black history. But there is also a backlash to this effort from those who would deny students this truth. With your support, the Teaching for Black Lives campaign can help ensure that educators are sustained in their pursuit of racial justice.

Make a gift today — and indicate your contribution is for the “Teaching for Black Lives” campaign.

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Damon Davis

We had our very first book study today and I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude! This has been an incredible opportunity to not only connect with a beautiful and profound resource, but has given us as a staff a tangible way to take action “on the ground” to support the initiative our district took to align themselves with the Black Lives Matter movement. Participation was 100% of those who signed up (Including our SRO) and everyone was enthusiastically present in a time when so many educators and staff are overwhelmed by the world in general. Thank you for providing this opportunity!

Leslie Ringler Connolly
Middle School, Tempe, Arizona

Our Funders

The campaign is made possible through the generous support of Doug and Tara Baldwin, the Carroll Family Fund, Tricia Davis and Ben Haggerty (aka Macklemore), Zach Quillen, the Seahawks Players Equality & Justice for All Action Fund, and Bobby Wagner.

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