Three Zoom group photo screenshots from welcome events

In September and October, the Zinn Education Project hosted welcome gatherings for over 400 Teaching for Black Lives study group coordinators and members to kick off the 2023–2024 school year. Participants listened to a conversation facilitated by Ayva Thomas, with the book’s editors, Dyan Watson, Jesse Hagopian, and Wayne Au. 

I found the session so inspirational as I am just getting ready to start with my group. This session provided a sense of community even though many of us are so far apart.
It was important to connect with others to bring this study group to the forefront. I needed this to center my intention when it comes to reading and discussing this work.
Disrupting education is still possible even in the most austere states!
Such inspiring words — energy and passion for all the wonderful learning that we will do this year!
I was really excited about the resources shared during the meeting, from curriculum to advocacy work to book recommendations. I think these resources will prove invaluable in impacting my practice and connecting me to other like-minded individuals.
I thought it was one of the best Zoom meetings I’ve attended!
Seeing the map of educators doing this work across the country was uplifting. If we all continue to do our part than maybe we can move this country forward after all.
Simply a reminder of the extraordinarily high stakes of this work: if we do not do it, the humanity of our students (and ourselves) is at risk. Conversely, if we do this work, we stand to reaffirm and deepen our individual and collective humanity.