Dr. Candace Cofield, study group coordinator, and members from Hayward Unified School District received funds to purchase a Teaching for Black Lives hoodie for study group members’ as gratitude for their dedication.

Staff and students wore hoodies on Monday for Trayvon Martin Memorial Day “to keep building awareness about why we need this study group and because no one should be harmed because of their race and what they are wearing!”

Study group members also shared a coloring book Before They Were Giants: Portraits of African American Sheroes and Heroes, by Amari Rashad and Dr. AMN. Cofield said the goal is to “teach beyond Martin, Rosa, and Ruby. There’s so much to share and honor about Black culture that we had student council members teaching younger students all about these Black heroes and their significant impact in different industries. They shared information on the loudspeakers and in classrooms, including bilingual classes.”