People holding sign at Teach Truth Day of Action

Providence, Rhode Island Teach Truth Day of Action, June 2022.

Teaching for Black Lives study groups in Arizona, DC, Georgia, Kansas, New Jersey, Ohio, and Rhode Island held Teach Truth Days of Action events on June 11 and 12, 2022. They led rallies, workshops, and discussions to raise awareness about the laws that would essentially ban “teaching for Black lives.”

We are hosting this #TeachTruth action to support a multiracial movement in Kansas City. We demand that our schools teach honestly about the history of racism and structural oppression and that our schools refuse to give any space to these abuses today.  – Michael Rebne, Kansas City, Missouri

They hosted the #TeachTruth events at historic sites to provide examples of the history that teachers would be required to lie about or omit if the GOP anti-history bills become law, which is already the case in some states.

It’s not too late to make your voice heard. You can participate by making a sign (or print one of ours), take a photo at a historic site (they are everywhere), and share on social media with #TeachTruth. Learn more.

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