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At school, we either learn or unlearn our power. By supporting educators in the classroom and the community, we make our schools sites of resistance, justice, joy, and liberation. Together, we are helping dismantle anti-Blackness in education.

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Educators hold the power to combat racism and anti-Blackness, and transform classrooms into sites of resistance, hope, and learning about the beauty of Blackness. We’re here to support, with classes, study groups, lessons, podcasts and more.





Howard Barry

Supporting Educators Teaching Truth

We must come together to support educators in turning classrooms and schools into sites of resistance, justice, joy, and liberation, and to organize against anti-Blackness with colleagues and in communities. We must march against police brutality in the streets. And we must teach for Black lives in our classrooms.

Racial justice educators are fighting back — and they need your help. We must come together to make their fight all of ours. Join us.

Events & Announcements

July 26, 2022 in Events

Teaching Outside the Textbook About the Red Scare

Tuesday, August 23, 2022: Ursula Wolfe-Rocca and Jesse Hagopian of the Zinn Education Project will be facilitating an interactive, online workshop about subversives in labor organizing and the Black freedom…
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February 24, 2022 in Events

People’s History Commemoration of Howard Zinn’s 100th Anniversary

Wednesday, August 24, 2022: Sports historian Dave Zirin and Teaching for Black Lives co-editor Jesse Hagopian will host an event with special guests to commemorate Howard Zinn (1922 – 2010)…
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February 24, 2022 in Events

Black Freedom on Native Land

Monday, Sept 12, 2022: Alaina Roberts on Black Freedom on Native Land Alaina Roberts will introduce the Reconstruction era connections between Black freedom and Native American citizenship in the context of…
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