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This resource page is for Teaching for Black Lives Study Group members only.

Upcoming Events

All weekday events are at 4pm PT/ 7pm ET and last for 60 to 90 minutes.

Study Group Members Only


October 8 Welcome Event (2nd Option).

These participatory and engaging workshops will welcome study group members and coordinators into their year-long inquiry into Teaching for Black Lives. You will hear from the book’s editors (Dyan Watson, Jesse Hagopian, and Wayne Au), meet each other, and share ideas about organizing and facilitating study group meetings. There will be a raffle of people’s history books at the end of the session with many chances to win.

Ashley Farmer

October 17 | Queen Mother Moore, Black Nationalism, and the Centuries-long Fight for Reparations with Ashley Farmer. This session is a Teach the Black Freedom Struggle Online Class.

October 24 How to Make Amends: A Workshop on Teaching Reparations.

Participants in this workshop will learn about more than a dozen different examples of reparations — ranging from cash payments to land settlements to state apologies. They will also have an opportunity to meet in grade-level groups to analyze places in their own curricula and classrooms where reparations might be raised and engaged.

November 14The Black Freedom Struggle During WWII with Matt Delmont. This session is a Teach the Black Freedom Struggle Online Class.

Matt Delmont

November 28 Teaching with Matt Delmont’s Half American.

Educators who register for this workshop will receive a free copy of Matt Delmont’s Half American: the Epic Story of African Americans Fighting World War II at Home and Abroad. The workshop will enable educators to engage with key excerpts from the book and generate teaching ideas for use in the classroom. Attendees will receive additional copies for their classroom.

December 12History of Racial Terror in the U.S. with Bryan Stevenson. This session is a Teach the Black Freedom Struggle Online Class.

December 19  Poetry of Defiance: How the Enslaved Resisted.

Educators often ask the Zinn Education Project how to teach the horrors of slavery without traumatizing young people. Part of the answer is always: teach resistance. In this workshop, participants will build a broad base of knowledge about the manifold ways enslaved people defied the system of slavery though a classroom lesson that celebrates resistance through a “poetry of defiance” activity.


January 11  Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action Planning Meeting

Black Lives Matter at School is a national coalition of educators organizing for racial justice in schools.  The annual Week of Action is February 6-10, 2023. In this workshop, participants will hear from BLM at School coordinating committee member, Jesse Hagopian, about the origins of the movement. The workshop will also provide lots of ideas for ways to participate.

January 23 | Want to Start a Revolution? Black Women Radicals Confront the Red Scare with Dayo Gore. This session is a Teach the Black Freedom Struggle Online Class.

Dayo Gore

January 30 Subversives: Stories from the Red Scare, Then & Now.

In this workshop, participants will learn about the long Red Scare that targeted labor and racial justice activists, educators, artists, LGBTQ people and others. We will look at the past AND the present, drawing connections to today’s “anti-CRT” attacks on education.

February 6 | Starring Mrs. Rosa Parks: Film Excerpts and Behind the Scenes Commentary with Jeanne Theoharis. This session is a Teach the Black Freedom Struggle Online Class.


Bookcover of the Teaching for Black Lives book

The heart of the study groups is collectively reading, discussing, and applying what you learn from the Teaching for Black Lives book. You’ll find a compilation of essays, teaching activities, role plays, poems, and artwork, designed to illuminate the movement for Black students’ lives, the school-to-prison-pipeline, Black history, gentrification, intersectional Black identities, and more. The book is edited by Wayne Au, Jesse Hagopian, and Dyan Watson.



Study Guide

This guide, for teachers who are reading Teaching for Black Lives, includes thought-provoking questions for discussion, ideas for action, and resources for groups and individuals. Written by Cierra Kaler-Jones and Jesse Hagopian. Download the Teaching for Black Lives Study Guide.

Facilitation Guide

This month-to-month guide includes prompts and suggestions for study group meetings plus best practices for communication and engagement. Feel free to adapt and build off of to fit your own setting and your group’s particular needs.


Rethinking Schools

colorful magazine cover with a graphic highlighting Black women teachers
Each study group member receives a complimentary one-year Rethinking Schools subscription (digital and print). If you haven’t subscribed already, please do so TODAY by following these instructions:

Beyond your study group members, do not share the code — there is only one subscription per study group member. For questions about the subscription, email orders@rethinkingschools.org.


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